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Basic Search – Enter your query or search terms into the text box and click submit.

As Wotbox uses the ‘AND’ search type as default, this will display all pages that contain all the words you type in.

This will only show pages that contain both the words travel and uk

Phrase Search – To search for a quote or phrase terms in a particular order page the quotation marks.

This will only show pages that contain travel uk as words together

Don't Include – To search for pages that include some terms but not others use the minus/negative symbol.

This will return all pages that contain the word travel but not the word uk

Any Words – To search for pages that contain one keyword or another, use the boolean “OR” between words.

This will return pages that contain either the word travel or the word uk

Wild Cards - Wotbox supports the use of wild cards in searches: Use the ? to replace a single character, e.g. tr?vel instead of travel. Use the * to replace multiple characters, e.g. tr*l instead of travel.

Special Queries

Wotbox also allows some specialist queries to help users refine their searches to return more relevant results.

Site Search – To search a specific website for a keyword use the site:domainname query syntax.

This will then return all pages from www.amazon.com that contain the word books.

Country Search – To search for pages from a specific country use the country:code keyword syntax.

This will only return pages that have a UK suffix or are hosted on servers situated in the uk. Please click here for a list of all country codes.

You can also access this feature by clicking on the required country flag displayed in the search results.

Sponsored Listings

Wotbox provides up to a maximum of three Sponsored Listing results for each search. The listings are provided by a third party and are keyword triggered to offer the user a commercial alternative to their results.

Wotbox has no control over the content of the ads and apologies for any offensive material.

Related Searches

Included in most search results, Wotbot displays a list of ‘Related Searches’. This is a list of alternative queries that may provide more relevant results.


Wotbox’s Preferences page allows the user to completely modify the results page to their personal taste.

Simply select the options you wish to display or not to display and press ‘Save’. This will the store a cookie on your machine with your display preferences saved in it. You will then be returned to your previous page.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page is split into 2 sections:

Query – Use the 4 text boxes to create you query.

Filter – Under each text box, you are given the option to search only in a specific part of the document, e.g. the title. You can also specify to only show results from a certain country, or from a certain site.

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