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To partner with Wotbox, we can provide a high-quality XML search feed to integrate within your site or application.

Wotbox's XML feed simply works by:

  • A user on your site will submit a query.
  • Then behind the scenes the query is sent to Wotbox and we will find the most relevant results.
  • Wotbox will return back an XML document which contains the results for the query submitted by the user.
  • You can format the results any way you want and display them for your user.

Wotbox's XML feed can be used for a number of different services:

Search Engine Backfill - To increase the number of results offered by your search engine, you can easily integrate Wotbox results into your own.

MetaSearch Results - To expand your Meta Search Engine, Wotbox can provide you with fast and relevant results to present in your own format.

Localized Search Engine - Using Wotbox's advanced 'country specific' query engine, why not create a Search Engine for your country using Wotbox's quality results.

To signup for our licenced xml feed please email partners@wotbox.com.

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